Political Science. Sociology. Law. 3/2020

Title page



Kutuev P., Yenin M., Zychowicz J., Kurovska H.
Sociological scientific activity and strategies for choosing a research topic in theoretical reflections

Bakhanov O.
Protection of social workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Zasoba I., Khomiak A., Panchenko L., Korzhov H.
The governance of global labor migration: literature review


Bahinskyi A.
Evolution of theories of resolution of armed conflicts in the second half of the XX century

Kryvenko S.
Comic in Ukrainian political discourse

Polovyi T.
The topic of the Belarusian language in local pro-Russian Internet media (the case of Teleskop-by.org)


Aslanov V.
Legal regulation in the field of international railway transportation of goods

Ivanov O.
Peculiarities of Russian expansion towards Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples (last quarter of the 15th – middle of the 19th century): historical and legal paradigm

Kalimbet A., Sidor M.
Normative and individual acts as tools of public administration activity in the field of television and radio broadcasting

Kravchuk O., Ostashchuk I.
Philosophy and genesis of the judicial oath and the oath of office

Krupka A., Duz L., Kraliuk M., Yakovlieva Ye.
Judicial engineering and mechanical examination: practiceological approach

Kubrak R.
Comparative analysis of system implementation punishments of Spain and Ukraine

Lapkin A.
Principle of discretionary public prosecution

Myroshnychenko Yu.
Development of forensic tactics at the stage of mature science

Nekit K.
Advantages and disadvantages of smart-contracts as the basis for the emergence of ownership

Seniuk T.
Some aspects of improving the legal regulation of civil service in Ukraine

Eyyubova M.
Legal issues on membership of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the International Criminal Court

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