Politology. Sociology. Right. 4/2019

Title page



Biruykova M.
Mobile messengers as a technology of modern self interaction in the focus digital sociology

Vasylets O., Kazmirova O.
The institutionalization of mediation as a task of the state policy of integration in regard to social innovations

Zasoba I.
Soviet-Cuban messages during the missile crisis: controlling an ally

Kiryukhin D.
Outmigration from Ukraine: losing brains and brawn

Kolomiiets T., Vasylets O.
The impact of urbanization on the transformation of gender roles

Krugliak M., Petrozhalko V.
Sexism in computer games

Pygolenko I.
Business knowledge as a component of training of engineers

Poltorakov O.
Sociology of military captivity in the modern military and social contexts

Russu D.
Phenomenon of automobility in sociological discourse

Tsimbaliuk N., Semichastna I.
Information potential of advertising messages of blue collar workers on the Internet


Bahinskyi A.
Transitional justice: definition and functions

Кupin A.
Legal provision of the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons in Ukraine

Pashaieva K.
Georgia in the U. S. policy towards the South Caucasus during the post-bipolar period

Ruden D.
Policy and legal principles of state financing of political parties in Ukraine

Yakovlіeva N., Kolomiiets T., Severynchyk O.
The presidential and parliamentary election campaigns in the conditions of one-year electoral cycles in the independent Ukraine


Ananievа E.
Disadvantages and gaps in the legal regulation of the financial activities of the united territorial communities and ways to improve them

Zlyvko S., Sykal M.
Regulatory support of personnel selection for the penitentiary system of Ukraine

Korotun O.
Administrative and legal status of public administration entities providing protection of intellectual property rights

Lambutska Т.
Limits of authority of presiding judge as a head of court proceedings in the first instance court through criminal procedural legislation

Lukyanchikov Ye., Lukyanchikov B., Petriaiev S.
Use of special skills in criminal proceedings

Olinyk A., Keda I.
The concept of guarantees of realization of the constitutional freedom of the person for business activity in Ukraine

Ryndiuk V.
Law-making activity as a type of legal activity: praxeology aspect

Uberman V., Vaskovets L.
European legislative regulation of discharge of pollutants and problems of its implementation in Ukraine

Tsyrfa G.
New legal categories and new opportunities for improving the system of social protection of persons with the status of veterans of the war

Shpomer A., Prorochenko V.
Legal problems in defining the concept, content and form of state aid to economic entities

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